The results of the 11th day of fighting and resistance in Northern Syria

Despite the ceasefire agreement, Turkish army and their mercenaries have continued their attacks along the border. Our forces have answered to these attacks over our right to legitimate self defense.

Ras Al Ain

After the the ceasefire agreement was reached, Turkish army attempted to push forwards with armored vehicles and tanks in an attempt to occupy certain neighborhoods. Our forces retaliated these attempts in self defense. As a result, 3 APC’s were damaged. As a result of following clashes, 13 mercenaries were killed and a further 3 were injured. In Zirgan village, the invaders attempted to push through into the village and attacked it. The mercenary gangs attempted to seize the villagge with support from airstrikes and artillery fire. Our forces swiftly answered to these attacks and resulted in following heavy clashes in the area. During the clashes, as a result of airstrikes, 12 of our comrades and one civilian were martyred. 12 of our comrades were also injured. Clashes erupted in the villages of Menajir and Aliya, as a result of attacks by the militias.


Yesterday evening, Turkish army attacked Qamishli city with artillery and tank fire. As a result of those attacks, one of our comrades was martyred and 4 of our comrades were injured. After the attacks, our forces answered to the attacks that were carried out from the base in Segirka. As a result of the retaliation by our forces, the base was damaged, their armory was blown up and a number of mercenaries and soldiers were killed.


During the evening hours, the invading army and their militias attempted to secretly approach the positions of our fighters with armored vehicles. As a result from the response of our forces, one of their vehicles were destroyed and a large number of mercenaries were killed. After this, the mercenary gangs retrieved the corpses of their dead and retreated from the area. 2 days earlier, our forces had destroyed a BMP  which we were able to find yesterday and confirm that 5 mercenaries were killed.

At least 18 soldiers and mercenaries were killed as a result of the fighting and resistance put up by our fighters, and a large number of jihadists were also injured.

17 of our comrades were martyred, 25 of our comrades were injured.

After the ceasefire agreement came into effect, our forces went into defensive positions and have not carried out any operations. All the clashes that took place was a result of our legitimate right to defend ourselves against the attacks by Turkish-backed jihadists.


SDF Press Office

October 19th, 2019

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