The Syrian Democratic Council issued a statement to the public opinion after the US withdrawal decision

Ayn Essa – The Syrian Democratic Council issued a statement to the public opinion today Monday regarding the US withdrawal decision and Erdogan’s statements to invade the region. The co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council Amina Omar read the statement. The text of the statement was as the following:

Nine years have passed over the conflict and the ongoing war in Syria, which cost the Syrian people hundreds of thousands of martyrs and victims and hundreds of thousands of wounded and millions of displaced refugees in dozens of countries around the world. During the Syrian crisis, the Syrian people faced many conspiracies and deals which aimed at their security, stability and political will. Many countries contributed to the continued suffering of the Syrians and prolonged the Syrian crisis as a result of the conflict between international and regional interests.

In light of all these external challenges, the biggest challenge facing the Syrians was the emergence of terrorist organizations inside Syria, the most dangerous of which is the terrorist organization ISIS, which controlled more than half of the Syrian geography.

Being the most dangerous terrorist phenomenon in the world, this organization had to be eliminated, where the Syrian territory became a base for launching terrorist operations around the world.  The people of the region played a big role in fighting terrorism and organizing their forces and energies within the ranks of the Syrian Democratic Forces. The SDF was able to create an environment and incubator that has saved thousands of young people from the threat of terrorism and sectarian organizations, and self-administration has been an important gain for Syrians in north and east Syria.

Since the beginning the Turkish threats continued against the forces who make efforts to fight against the terrorism and clearly targeted the original components of the region, displacing the original population in the areas it has occupied, and instead of the international community taking strict positions, the White House announced once again its approval of Turkey’s occupation of north and east Syria, the withdrawal of its military forces, the abandon of its responsibilities in the war on terror and leaving the region open to dangerous possibilities that will have a serious impact in the fight against terrorism and will have deep impact on the political situation and international efforts to end the crisis and resolve it politically and to further complicate the scene, and push other regional parties to increase their presence on the line of crisis.

We have relied from the beginning in our political project on the popular will of our people and have devoted the values of coexistence and brotherhood among all components, Arabs, Kurds, Syriac, Assyrians, Turkmen and Armenians, and our main and most important bet remains the will of the Syrian people and their components and their determination to live in dignity in a democratic Syria free from any occupation.

We have always stressed that we encourage the dialogue with various parties and this is a strategic position for us, and we have done everything necessary at diplomatic level to resolve the dispute with Turkey, most recently the implementation of the security mechanism agreement, which expressed the true will of the Syrian Democratic Forces to bring peace to the region.

We continue to take all necessary steps at the diplomatic level and activate the channels of dialogue with the various international parties concerned in the Syrian file to stop this aggression and to save our people from the dangers of any military clash, and not to fail in carrying out their responsibilities. We also support the decision of the SDF to defend our borders and our people against any aggression, we clearly affirm that Turkey will not be able to impose its control on ISIS elements and their families in the region.

We, the Syrian Democratic Council reject the Turkish plans to occupy the region and we call on the international community to stand seriously against this dangerous development and affirm that the White House decision in this regard undermines all the war efforts against ISIS, and we call on the United Nations and the Security Council to show more responsibility towards the people of this region and protect them from the Turkish plans which target their existence. We assure that any Turkish attack will lead to a humanitarian catastrophe and a large wave of displacement for the safe people of the region.

We affirm that the Syrian people reject the Turkish occupation and have suffered from Turkish policies and the general regional interventions. We believe that the people of Syria are called today more than ever to carry out their historical responsibilities towards the security of their country and reject the conspiracies targeting their political will.

The Syrian Democratic Council

October 7, 2019

SDF-Media Center

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