Toll of combat operations within (24) hours

Ras al-Ain

 Turkish invasion army and its allied terrorist factions continued to violate the cease-fire in Ras Al Ain and its countryside.

On 20th October, the terrorist factions, and with the support of warplanes and reconnaissance aircraft, tried to advance on the axis of Al-Manajir village, south of Ras al-Ain, as well as the eastern countryside of Ras al-Ain. As part of the legitimate right to self-defense, our forces responded to the invasion forces and sporadic clashes broke out resulting in death of 3 members of the terrorists as well as two military vehicles were destroyed and damaged the other.

Euphrates Region (Kobane/Tal Abyad)

Pro-Turkish terrorist factions continued to violate the cease-fire and tried to advance towards the axis of north and west of Ain Issa villages to the axis of Al-Chalabia town in Kobane.

Our forces responded to these attempts within the framework of their legitimate right to self-defense and clashed with the terrorists on the axis of the villages of Weibada, Cafiah and Wasita. Violent clashes broke out that lasted for hours, and many members were killed and injured among the terrorist factions and (3) military armored vehicles were destroyed.

In these clashes caused by Turkish Invasion Army  violations of the ceasefire, (6) of our fighters rose martyrs, and we had lost contact with one of our groups consisting of (9) fighters on the day the ceasefire came into effect, and later we confirmed that our fighters, whom we lost contact with, have risen martyrs.  This brings the number of martyrs to 15 for this day.

SDF Media Center

    21 Oct. 2019

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