Toll Of Combat Operations Within (24) Hours

Turkish army and allied groups have continued their attacks on October 22 despite cease-fire agreement.

Serêkaniyê/Ras al-Ain

Turkish-backed groups attempted to advance and towards the positions of SDF fighters with armored vehicles and with support of drones. A terrorist was killed when our forces retaliated the attacks.

Dêrik/Al Malikiya

Turkish reconnaissance drones and fighter jets have patrolled over several spots in the city throughout the daytime. Turkish army officials have been spotted moving in civilian vehicles across the border.

Kobanî/Ain Isa

On October 22, an attack by Turkish-backed groups including armored vehicles, drones and fighter jets on village of Jalba, close to Ain Isa, was retaliated by SDF. The clashes on this front and in vicinity of Ain Isa lasted until evening. An armored vehicle was destroyed, a large number of Turkish-backed mercenaries were killed as result of the clashes.

50 Turkish-backed mercenaries were killed, a motorcyle and an armored personnel carrier belonging to Turkish army were destroyed in the fight on October 22.

16 of our fighters were martyred and 13 were wounded due to the attacks by Turkish-backed groups.

SDF Media Center

October 23, 2019

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