Toll of combat operations within (24) hours

Despite the cease-fire decision committed by our forces, Turkish invasion army and its allied terrorist factions continued to launch their attacks.
Ras al-Ain/Sere KanyehTurkish invasion army targeted Ras al-Ain villages by aerial bombardment and brought in more troops and preparations for the ceasefire areas.

At the axis of Al-Habbash and Shakiria villages, the terrorist factions and the Turkish invasion army tried to attack the positions of our forces.

Terrorist factions have also launched attacks on our positions in other axes, targeting our forces with heavy weapons and attempting to advance by using armored vehicles.

Our forces responded to these attacks as part of their legitimate right to self-defense and clashes broke out in the aforementioned axes.

Our forces responded the advance attempts and turned them back while the Turkish invasion army used artillery shelling after its ground aggression was repelled.

Despite our commitment to the ceasefire on all axes, Turkish invasion army continued to mobilize its forces on the axis of Tel Kanzeer and Aluk villages and massed large numbers of mercenaries on this axis in order to launch the attack.

The attacks of the Turkish Invasion Army on land, air and artillery resulted in (16) martyrs of our forces and wounded (3)

SDF Media Center
20 Oct. 2019

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