HomemanshetThe general leadership of SDF meets with the Senate in northern and eastern Syria

The general leadership of SDF meets with the Senate in northern and eastern Syria

The General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces held a successful meeting with the Senate in northeastern Syria, to talk about recent developments in the region and the Turkish aggression against the region.
And, during his speech, Kobani affirmed the continuation of his forces to work to protect diversity, stability and peace in the region and Syria, stressing their focus on the situation of the citizens of northeastern Syria with all its components in the form of developments, agreements and understandings that they concluded with the international and Syrian powers.

During the meeting, the commander-in-chief of the SDF forces, Mazloum Kobani, spoke about the international agreements that were concluded to protect the region from Turkish aggression, ethnic cleansing and demographic change.
For their part, the members of the committee stressed the commitment of the residents of the region to the SDF and work alongside these forces to protect the gains that have been made, and stressed the solidarity and brotherhood in the face of all attempts aimed at the unity of the components of the region.

Members of the Senate who participated in the meeting:
1- Sheikh Hassan Farhan Abdul Rahman Al-Assaf
2- Sheikh Fawaz Al-Zoba’a Al-Melhem
3- Sheikh Fouad Ibrahim Al-Basha
4- Sheikh Muhammad Adel Abdul Salam
5- Sheikh Karim Al-Zuaiter
6- Sheikh Thamer Jamal Turki
7- Sheikh Hashem Ahmed Al-Dhaif
8- Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Ali Al-Randal
9- Mr. Abdul Majeed Osu
10- Dr. Serop Baku Aziz
11- Mr. Abdin Badrakhan
12- Mr. Ismail Gatto
13- Mr. Mohamed Esau
14- Mr. Hakam Khalo
15- Mr. Hamber Hassan
16- Dr. Abdul Baqi Youssef

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