Public property office in Raqqa leases agricultural land for residents

Al-Raqqah – The Public Property Office of the Agriculture and Irrigation Committee in Raqqa has leased 25,200 dunums of agricultural land for residents in order to benefit from it during the agricultural year 2020, taking into account the preservation of grazing areas.
The Public Property Office of the Agriculture Committee of Raqqa Civil Council is working to achieve the public interest on the best use of public property in Raqqa city and its countryside of agricultural land or badia land intended for grazing and preserving it from illegal ones, and leases public agricultural land to farmers for cultivation and use.
The Office conducts field tours in coordination with the people’s councils and municipalities in the countryside to preserve public property, prevent encroachment and issue special circulars, and any transpassing is subject to prosecution.
In the absence of a law protecting public property in the previous period during ISIS control, many problems and disputes between farmers emerged, prompting the Public Property Office in the Agriculture Committee of the Raqqa Civil Council to intervene.
Hussein Khalifan, a member of the Public Property Office in Raqqa, explained: “We call the parties to the Public Property Office and according to the documents submitted proving the eligibility of any party and the dispute is resolved, and if the dispute is not resolved, the case will be referred to the conciliation Council or the Social Justice Authority to decide the case in accordance with the laws.”
He added ” The price of one dunum’s rent of public land has been determined as follows
– Irrigated land
8000 S.P Fertile Land
5000 S.P Medium Fertility Land
half-salty land 2500 S.P
– Land irrigated by rivers and drains
4000 Fertile Land
2000 S.P Medium Fertility Earth
1500 S.P half-salty land
1000 S.P- Artesian wells
1000 S.P- Rain-fed land

Farmer Mohammed al-Ali, a resident of the village of Jadida Kahait, said: “I have rented land from public property to make a poultry farms worth 50,000 s.p per dunum, but for the rents of public land is high and we cannot afford it, please reconsider the price of rent. ”

It is worth mentioning that the Public Property Office was established in 16-6-2017 in the town of Ain Issa and was later transferred to Raqqa city as the Raqqa Civil Council has moved to Raqqa as well.

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