The outcome of 5 days of battles and clashes in northern and eastern Syria

Despite the existence of several agreements, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries have not yet committed to reducing violations and aggression, as bombing and reconnaissance operations are continuing in several areas.
In the period from January 13 to 18, several areas were exposed to violations of occupation and mercenaries.
In the village of Mushairefah and the surrounding villages of Ras al-Ain / Sri Kaneh, on January 13, Turkish forces and their mercenaries bombed the area with heavy weapons.
In Ain Issa area, the shelling continued with mortar and rocket fire on the villages of Sida, Al-Hawz, Arida, Bir Kno, Ibrahim Lkurdi, Marduda, Khirbet Baqar and The periphery of the international road M4.
In addition, the continuous violent shelling on January 15 resulted in a severe injury to one of our fighters, which later led to his martyrdom, and material damage to civilian property.
On the other hand, our forces continue successful operations against the dens and elements of the terrorist organization “ISIS”.
On January 14, anti-terrorist units carried out a raid in the district of Deir Ezzor, which resulted in the killing of the Iraqi mercenary Abu al-Ward and another mercenary whom we could not identify following the clashes that occurred during the operation.

It is worth noting that the Iraqi mercenary Abu Al-Ward is responsible for the oil and financing of the sleeping terrorist cells. Moreover, that the units seized a quantity of ammunition and documents.

SDF.Media center
January 19, 2020

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