Women’s House organizes an awareness seminar against drugs

Raqqa – The Women’s Health Committee of the Women’s Center organized, on Sunday, an awareness seminar under the slogan “drugs, the path of destruction”, in the presence of administrators and members of women’s councils and committees in the countryside and the city.
The symposium started with a minute’s silence on the souls of the martyrs, then a film was shown that included the causes of the spread of drugs and the people who use them, the symptoms and diseases that appear on them as a result of abuse and methods of prevention.
The administrative committee member, Maysoon Mohamed, gave a lecture in which she explained a definition of narcotic substances and how they affect the health of the abuser and the effects, symptoms and results that cause the disintegration of the family and society.
And I stopped to recall some of its types, including hashish, khat and heroin.

 As Mason spoke about the symptoms that appear on the abuser and the addict, which are mood swings, lack of interest in the external appearance, anger, rapid agitation, and darkening around the eyes.
After that, the attendees participated in interventions and opinions on the topic of the symposium, and opinions gathered that the main reasons for the high number of users currently are the war in all of Syria, the deterioration of living conditions, and the distance of children from schools and education.
And all the opinions were unanimous that the enemies of the region and democracy are trying in various ways to spread corruption of all kinds in our societies in order to weaken the region, including working to spread and increase the percentage of drug addicts and addicts.
The attendees concluded that awareness is the primary solution to prevent the spread of this scourge that is destroying the present and the future.
It is worth noting that the Women’s Management Office will continue its campaign by publishing educational papers and similar seminars in all areas of Raqqa.

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