A Lecture about Human Capacity and Self-Development

Al-Tabqa-The Legislative Council organized a lecture entitled “Human Capacity Development and Self-Development” delivered Saturday by The Council’s Joint Vice President Shady Ibrahim in the Cultural Center Hall.

The event, which was attended by members of the Legislative Council and committees and offices of the Civil Council, aims to develop the capabilities and skills of members working in institutions and Autonomous Administration committees.

In his lecture, Shady Ibrahim spoke about the importance of developing human capacities and developing a number of important aspects of self-development, such as sensory and intellectual communication, rules of communication and direct influence in others to send a message in a way that ensures a rapid and effective response.

Ibrahim noted in his on how to acquire new habits to improve the skills of influencing the masses as well as to eliminate the bad habits.

In conclusion, questions and inquiries were opened.

It is worth mentioning that the event is part of a series of lectures and meetings aimed at developing the self-professional aspect of the administrators and employees to raise the level of their skills at work.

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