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A Special Hygiene Campaign in Al-Tabqa

Al-Tabqa – The Women’s Office of the People’s Municipality organized on Thursday morning, a voluntary hygiene campaign for the First Alley by the participation of women members from various institutions, committees and people’s Houses.

The campaign, which began in cooperation with the municipal services department, targeted the First Alley, which is located near the Euphrates Dam, where waste and debris were removed from the perimeter of destroyed buildings and surrounding streets, as well as the neighborhood market.

Fatima Alloush, a member of the joint presidency of the municipality, stressed that the aim of launching this campaign is just like all other campaigns that aims at restoring the general civilized appearance of the city and maintaining public health in order to prevent the spread of epidemics and diseases where destroyed sites and buildings could be a safe haven and hotbeds for them.

She concluded by noting that similar initiatives and campaigns are taking place to educate parents about the need to participate and maintain hygiene in general because household hygiene is not enough.

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