A Symposium about “Women and Politics

Tabqa-In cooperation and coordination with the Women’s Committee of the Civil Council, the administration of Women’s House organized a symposium entitled “Women and Politics” attended by women members from local committees and councils, in the Hall of the Cultural Center.

Huda Awad, co-chair deputy of the Legislative Council, gave the lecture in which she talked about the concept of politics in general and the expected political role of women in society.

She highlighted the most important obstacles that led to women’s weak role in the field of politics, such as the masculine mentality, curricula, the absence of democracy for long periods, and the heavy burdens and responsibilities assigned to women.

She added that the weak, non-effective and non-influential role is also due to the weakness of women’s movements in the past and the lack of their participation in the ranks of political parties and civil society institutions.

She noted that the percentage of women representation in the parliaments and governments of the countries of the world is still very weak and does not exceed 15% in most countries including the countries of the Middle East, but they started to break the routine of the low percentage of women representation in NE Syria, as they started to play an active role in society, where the percentage of women representation is close to 50% of the seats in the various fields of political, social and economic life.

The symposium included several interventions from the attendees, indicating the need to address obstacles and problems that stand in the way of women’s self-assertion and presence in political life and decision-making centers in general.

The symposium concluded with some proposals to help change the general mentality, such as changing the school curricula so that it teaches and gives an equal role, as well as organizing more meetings, seminars, and educational lectures.

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