Al-Raqqa provides support for Washo Kani camp

The joint chairman of Social Affairs and Labor Committee, Abdul Salam Hamsourk, provided financial support on behalf of Raqqa Civil Council and the residents of Raqqa to the management of Washo Kani camp in Al-Hasakeh region, thereby the Euphrates city is sharing the IDPs their pain and agony.

In a speech, Hamsourk stressed that the humanitarian tragedy that befell the people of Ras al-Ain/Sri Kaniyeh and Tal Abyad/Gri Spi is part of the general agony which Syrian people are suffering in the occupied areas.

It is worth mentioning that the Washo kani camp was established shortly after the Turkish occupation army and its terrorist factions invaded and occupied the two cities, leading to the exodus of the cities’ residents fearing of the oppression and revenge of the occupiers.

SDF Media Center

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