An active architectural movement despite difficulties

Al-Raqqa – Al-Raqqa city witnesses a noticeable development and recovery in the architectural level, whether rebuilding and rehabilitating destroyed buildings or constructing new buildings. Nevertheless, there are several difficulties and obstacles not at the institutional level but in the level of instability of building materials prices and importing materials into the region.

The municipality is trying by various means and methods to facilitate and operate obtaining building permits. The Municipality’s licensing office explained that building permit fees were nominal compared to other parts of Syria. The municipality completely exempts from fees the licenses for reconstruction of destroyed buildings.

The head of License Office confirmed that the number of licenses have been granted since the date of liberation is about 432 so far.

On his part, the construction contractor “Ahmad Shaaban” says that there is a general construction activity in the city despite the high prices of construction materials such as cement and iron. Further, the people displacement from the cities occupied by Turkish occupation and its mercenary helped to increase this movement.

“The construction movement has generally become larger in the region, unlike in other parts of Syria, because of the ease in granting building permits, the availability of building materials and the proliferation of construction contractors who invest real estate at competitive prices, all of this made people tend to real estate ” said one resident of the city, “Yusef Mohammed”

As for Mohammad Al-Khalaf, a builder, he estimated the architectural situation from another angle. The construction movement has created many jobs to the extent that once it has finished one project it moves to another, and he added that providing job opportunities in the region made workers settle and never think in immigration.

It is worth mentioning that Al-Raqqa Civil Council in all its committees and institutions works after liberation to rehabilitate the infrastructure at a high pace through building bridges, roads, schools and service centers in order to provide the basic requirements for the people to rebuild. In addition to issuing circulars and decisions that accelerate the reconstruction stage in general.


Media Center of Syrian Democratic forces

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