Dose Organization Launches a Vocational Training Project

Raqqa– Dose Organization has launched on Wednesday a vocational training project to build the capacity of young people in the field of electrical and sanitation installations. The project was at the organization’s headquarters located opposite of Children’s Hospital in the Euphrates alley.

The training project aims to train young people vocationally in order to provide jobs and to provide the market with specialized young staffs and to reduce the rate of unemployment in Raqqa.

“Today, we have launched a vocational training project in the field of sanitation and electrical household installations, the project targeting 40 young men, 20 of them in the sanitation department and 20 one in the other section.” Said Ahmed Sheikho, the project manager,

He stressed that the course consists of two parts, the first one is theoretical, and it will be taught by specialists at the organization headquarters of, and the other part will be practical on the ground as part of a draft agreement with local companies and workshops to train them in practice.

He noted that the two-month course aims to create jobs for young people in order to provide them with jobs in the local market and reduce the unemployment in society and among young people.

“At the end of the training project, proof of attendance paper will be distributed by the organization and they will be gifted tools and equipment.” He concluded.


SDF Media Center

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