Hope Makers launches a project for rehabilitating war causalities

Al-Raqqa – Relief and humanitarian organizations and associations generally provide relief and treatment services and means and tools to help the injured and people with special needs and raise the level of awareness and professionalism of the healthy ones, but it is rare to find organizations interested in raising the efficiency and development of the capabilities of war-wounded and people with disabilities.

The independent non-profit organization (Hope Makers), which started its work in early August 2018, provides services in various regions and believes in the importance of teamwork and coexistence, and in cooperation with the Civil Council Relief Office, it has launched a project targeting the war-affected and disabled in Al-Raqqa to develop their abilities and train them professionally in order to provide them with employment opportunities and integrate them into society.

Mahmoud Al Hadi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the organization, said: “As a first stage we have 60 beneficiaries of this project, 15 of whom will be trained in the maintenance of electronic and electrical appliances and 45 will be trained in office management, secretarial, accounting and human resources development, in addition to provide them with computer literacy lessons.

Al-Hadi added that this project, which aims to provide trainees with intensive programs that qualify them and provide them with employment opportunities, will last for 35 days, where the organization will find them jobs at the end of the project.

Mohammed, one of the beneficiaries of the project, said that launching this project is an opportunity to prove their abilities and once the training is completed, work will be secured for them.

On the other hand, The Coordinator of (Adrenalin) Organization for The Disabled Saleh Al Darwish said in a statement that this project is the first of its kind in Al-Raqqa City, because no organization previously targeted the rehabilitation of war casualties.

He added that they have more than 7,000 cases of disability of children from Al-Raqqa and all them are the consequences of the war in the city, so these children must be supported and rehabilitated to support themselves early before these disabilities turn into psychological problems difficult to deal with.

It is worth mentioning that the development of the capabilities of this group and the acquisition of professions is tantamount to restoring the spirit and making them active members of society.

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