Installing a transformer and equipping two others in Al Mansoura town

Tabqa-The Directorate of Electricity of the Civil Administration of Tabqa city continues its work to maintain and rehabilitate feeding lines and electrical transformers, in order to improve the service reality and alleviate the citizens.

The workshops worked on installing an electricity transformer with a capacity of 630 KVA, today, Wednesday, which was broke down two months ago in the Al-Mudhahi neighborhood, in Al-Mansoura.

This transformer provides an electrical supply to 700 homes, and a second transformer with a capacity of 400 KVA is being prepared to divide the neighborhood into two parts as a result of urban and residential expansion in the neighborhood.

Lawrence Al Jasem, the co-chair the Directorate of Electricity in Tabqa explained that as a result of the population expansion in Al Mansoura and the increase in demand for electricity and the inefficiency of the old electricity network, there were a group of breakdowns in the electricity network and we are working to fix it and installing the 630 KVA transformer, in addition to creating a new transformer with 400 KVA capacity to relieve pressure on the first transformer.

It is worth mentioning that the Directorate is working on maintaining a transformer to supply the sewage station in the town.


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