Leishmaniasis: 18,974 injuries in Hajin and Al Baghouz towns

Deira Zour- Some villages and regions of Deira Zour suffer from an increase in the number of people infected with leishmaniasis. It is a parasitic skin disease caused by the bite of a fly that carries the infection and it affects every age group.

The swamps, garbage dumps, and rubble of destroyed buildings are considered a suitable environment for the spread of infection.

There are several methods to control this disease such as providing vaccines, treating the number of infected people, spraying pesticides in residential and destroyed sites, burning waste and removing dumpsites from the populated areas, in addition to organizing lectures and awareness-raising tours by specialists.

The choice of the treatment type depends on the number of the injury, the point of the injury, the causative factor “Leishmania type, and the immune status of the injured.

The health authorities, the Civil Council and some organizations work according to the available capabilities, but the situation did not rise to the level of announcing emergency in order to unify efforts and eliminate it entirely.

Maryam Al Awad, a member of the Health Committee in the town of Hajin, confirmed that they are working to launch voluntary campaigns for the committees that include doctors and nurses to vaccinate the injured and distribute the necessary medicines provided by the Civil Council.

She pointed out that the number of injuries currently being treated in the towns of Hajin and Al Bagouz was 18,974.

Attention must be drawn to the fact that the Raqqa region had previously suffered from the same epidemic, but the health and medical administration was able to treat and eliminate it in a short time through the joint efforts of the Civil Administration and the operating organizations.

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