Local notables have information and what is being reported is false

Deira Zour-In cooperation with the International coalition, our forces launched yesterday, February 24, 2020, a joint large-scale operation in Al Shahel and Ziban region in the countryside of Deira Zour in order to arrest the secret cells of the terrorist organization ISIS.

During the campaign, many persons were arrested in order to be investigated. After finishing the investigation, those who were innocent and have no relation with ISIS were released, but those who have relations are still in prison for more investigations.

Local worthies and notables followed the developments of the campaign and the investigation and asked the detainees to cooperate with our forces, confess and tell the names of those who have a connection with ISIS or terrorist acts.

Some biased media outlets reported on violations and thefts against civilians during the campaign. We confirm that the campaign was carried out in the presence of local worthies and notables of the region and what is being reported if false and serve the interests of the terrorist organization.

The campaign was carried out at the request and appeal of the people and the Civil Council in order to maintain the security and stability in the region.

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