Long queues in front of bakeries

Al-Raqqa – long Queues and heavy crowding in front of the bakeries, residents complain about the difficulty of getting their need for bread, as crowding has created an unresolved crisis, and they are waiting for solutions in this freezing cold.

A crisis in the bakeries of Al-Raqqa as a result of the displacement of huge numbers from occupied areas by the Turkish invasion army and its terrorist factions, in addition to the arrival of Idlib IDPs as a result of the bloody battles in their areas.

The residents are asking the competent authorities to solve the crisis in getting bread by increasing the number of bakers or increasing the flour allocation for them.

Ahmed Shawakh, a member in Quartermaster and Bakeries’ Office, indicates that the reason for the current crisis is due to the increase in the number of arrivals and displaced persons to the city.

He noted that the office is currently conducting a census of the resident and new arrivals, and when it is completed, the amount of flour allocated to the bakeries will be increased according to the number of people benefiting from each bakery and the number of operation hours.

Al-Shawakh concluded that the office’s patrols continue intensively to identify and solve problems so that bread is provided to all citizens on a daily basis.

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