Memorial service for the writer Mustafa Al-hajj

Al-Raqqa – The Committee of Culture and Antiquities on Monday organized today a memorial service for the late writer and director Mustafa al-Hajj at the Culture and Arts Center, on the occasion of the late 40th day anniversary. Mustafa al-Hajj was a writer, theatre director and one co-founder of Culture and Arts Center.

During the ceremony, which was attended by administrators and members of the Civil Council and the Intellectuals Union and the Deceased family, several speeches were delivered, including the speech of Ziad al-Hamad, joint chairman of the committee, who pointed out that the deceased was one of the theater’s celebrities and one of the pioneers who worked in this field in Al-Raqqa, and has a lot of Theatrical productions and TV works.

He stressed that the deceased played a key role in the rehabilitation of the cultural center shortly after the liberation of Raqqa and the formation of the center’s first theatre group.

The president of the Intellectuals Union Abdul Rahman al-Ahmad also pointed out that the deceased worked in the field of art since 1960 with a group of people from his own city, which he loved, and participated in most works of Raqqa Folk Art Group with his colleague Ismail Al-Ajili, until Raqqa lost one of the pillars of culture and art.

At the end of the memorial ceremony, the Chair of the Committee presented a card of gratitude and appreciation for the efforts of the deceased, received by his friend Abdul Rahman al-Ahmad, and a video of the deceased was displayed by the Committee as well.

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