Pause of stations and difficulty in providing drinking water

Raqqa – After launching the project of rehabilitating irrigation regulators and maintaining water canals on January 15, 2020, the station of Al Asadiya and Sahlat Al Banat stopped pumping drinking water to the villages of the northern countryside.

The pause worsened the crisis of providing drinking water that is why the municipality was forced to appoint a number of tanks in order to solve the problem, but it was unable to cover the need of the area, which includes about 12 thousand families, the people were obliged to buy drinking water through the rented tanks.

Abd Al Latif Al Ahmad, a resident of the village of Ruwian Janobi, which is located in the northern countryside, stressed that they need to buy drinking water at 350 pounds per barrel, because of the severe shortage of drinking water as a result of the pause of the stations and the lack of alternatives.

While the citizen Mohammed Hasan indicated that 25 villages in the northern and western countryside are suffering due to the complete interruption of water supply for more than a month ago, which led them to use the water transported by the tanks.

The citizen Hussein Al Ali added that the tanks that have been appointed to irrigate this area are limited and not sufficient to provide the minimum need.

Al Ali also said that they suffer from patronage in the work of the appointed tanks, because they distribute water to certain families.

In his turn, the head of the water office, Engineer Jassim Al Khalaf, confirmed that recently the water was cut off from the northern region as a result of the works of the Committee of Agriculture regarding the rehabilitation of irrigation regulators and maintenance operations in the canals, which worsened the problem of providing people with drinking water.

Al Khalaf added that the office is doing everything to provide water through appointing 12 tanks that were collected through technical and municipal services in addition to the initial response, but these tanks cover only the small part.

He concluded, that the office is working to communicate with the organizations working in the region to solve the problem, as it was agreed with the Solidarity organization to cover the northern countryside, Tel Al-Samen, Kheniz, Galtah, and to transfer the tanks that were working in that area to other regions.

It is worth mentioning that the stations that cover the entire countryside are: Al Salhabyeha, Al Zahira, Al Haisha, Al Asadiya, and Sahl Al Banat.

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