Planting Tress in Palestine Park

Al-Tabqa- The People’s Municipality began, on Saturday, the project of rehabilitating Palestine Park, located on Palestine Street in the center of the city by planting a group of ornamental and fruit trees. It aims to increase green spaces and provide recreational spaces for children and residents.

The planting campaign, which involved a number of members of the Civil Administration and the People’s Municipality, was part of the initial stage of the local administration and municipal committee’s plan to grow 3,000 sapling this year.

Jamal Abdul Latif, head of the parks and afforestation department in the municipality, said that the area of the park is estimated at 3 dunums and they will plant 45 different plantings, including fan palms, fruitful palms, hawthorn and other species

He stressed that the aim of the afforestation operations is to give a civilized beauty to Al-Tabqa city and its countryside and increase the green spaces because of its role in reducing pollution and the purification of the environment.

Public parks are considered one of the basics in cities building because they have an aesthetic, healthy and cultural role, which municipalities are working to build it to be a public facility for picnics and places for playing.

It is worth mentioning that the municipality completed a afforestation project by planting about 2,000 different trees throughout the region last year.

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