Reactivating Al-Mashlab Health Center

Raqqa-  Health Committee of the Civil Council activated Al-Mashalb Health Center, located in Al-Mashlab neighborhood, last week with the aim of re-providing medical and therapeutic services to the city and the countryside residents.

The 24-hour center includes departments, specialties and clinics such as the Children’s department and the department of Chronic Diseases.

Mohammed Al-Abboud, the Committee member, said: “This medical point is equipped with all its requirements from administrative, medical, nursing, service and pharmacy staff so that they can meet the needs of both inpatient and outpatient clinics and children’s departments and chronic diseases that currently exist”

He pointed out that the center is equipped with ambulances 24 hours a day, which will serve the people of the city and a large part of the eastern countryside of Raqqa.

It is worth mentioning that Doctors without Borders(MSF) organization previously supervised the work of the center, and now the Raqqa Health Committee is overseeing the work and funding of the center.


SDF Media Center

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