The Education Honors The Outstanding Teachers

Al-Tabqa – The Education Committee honored, in a celebration on Thursday, the top teachers in the first semester of the current school year, at the headquarters of Culture and Art Center.

The celebration started with a minute of silence on the memory of martyrs, and it was attended by teachers, students and representatives of civil administration committees and institutions, as well as the joint presidency of the Education Committee in northern and eastern Syria

“Today, we honor 50 teachers from the schools of Al-Tabqa and its countryside in recognition of their efforts and excellence in the educational process and their dedication to bring cultural and civilized knowledge,” said Hanano Khalifa, co-chairman of the city’s Education Committee.

The joint chairman of the Education Committee in north and eastern Syria, Rajab Al-Mushrif, paid tribute to the efforts made to elevate the educational process two years after the liberation of the city, and that education is the basis of development in all societies, with science civilizations are built and peoples progress.

The celebration featured theatrical performances, paintings and songs by the Al Amal Folk Art Group, and a model of uniforms was displayed for pupils and students.

At the end of the celebration, the awards were distributed to the honored teachers.

It is worth mentioning that This is the second honoring ceremony for the top teachers since the establishment of the Education Committee in Al-Tabqa.

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