The sheikhs of the clans honors the military forces

Tabqa- Notables and elderly of the rural tribes of Homs and Hama city who are living in NE Syria presented today, Tuesday honorary shield to the military leadership represented by the Defense Office in Tabqa.

The co-chair of the Defense Office in Tabqa, Haqi Afrin welcomed the delegation, praised the initiative, and confirmed that they will be as military forces at their best expectations.

The honor comes as an appreciation for the efforts exerted in order to ensure the comfort of the people, to provide security and stability to those who arrive in NE Syria from various conflict areas.

Sheikh of Almoali clan, Obaid Al Nahar thanked the leadership of the Syrian Democratic Forces for the good treatment and honor of the guests, he added that this indicates to the high morals and values of SDF, who turned these areas as the last safe haven for all Syrians.

SDF-Media Center


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