Work continues in Al Salmani Bridge

Tabqa- As a part of rehabilitating the infrastructure of the cities and the region, the Committee of Local Administration and Municipality started at the end of January 2020 the project of rehabilitating Al Salmani bridge in the village of Al Salmani which is located 15 km western Tabqa city.

The bridge is located on Aleppo – Raqqa highway the thing that makes it so important and it was destroyed at the beginning of the Syrian crisis causing a lot of difficulties for the people, passengers and transport means especially in the winter.

Abdul Hamid Al Abdouli, the head of the Technical Office in the Committee,  pointed out the importance of rehabilitating the bridge because it is located on the international road to facilitate traffic and transport.

He added that they have finished the first and second stages of removing digs and fixing the floor and they are now working to implement the third stage, which is building walls and finally pouring the roof of the bridge, which includes three holes three meters wide and 45 meters long.

 He concluded saying that the bridge will be ready after 5 months from the date of starting.

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