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Youth Council organizes an Awareness Campaign

Al-Raqqa – The Youth Council and in coordination with the Education Committee and the Democratic Student Movement launched, yesterday, an awareness campaign that includes culture, ethics and the dangers of substance abuse. The campaign is targeting the young group by organizing lectures and awareness workshops in various schools.

“The campaign was launched today targeting School students of Raqqa, this group is considered the most targeted by those who try to spread corruption in society because it represents the future of society. We are trying to enter all schools to conduct awareness lectures that explain the need to preserve the culture and morals of society as well as the dangers of substance abuse and its dire consequences for the individual and society” said Ahmad Isa, an administrative officer.

He added that They are focusing on clarifying the schemes that were being hatched against their communities through special tools of war.

It is worth mentioning that Youth Council will conduct further awareness campaigns after the end of the current one targeting the schools of city and countryside.

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