Commandos graduate its 6th session in Euphrates territory

The Academy of commandos of the Syrian Democratic Forces in Euphrates territory graduated today, Monday its 6th session which carried the name of the martyr Kamiran Hasakah and included 76 fighters from different regions of NE Syria.

During the 4-months training course, the fighters received political lessons, cultural lectures, and extensive military training in intrusion techniques, raids, and combat arts, as well as camouflage and concealment, counteracting modern weapons and aviation, their practical applications, and military tactics.

The ceremony which was attended by leaders of SDF in Euphrates territory and YPJ started with a minute of silence in the memory of the martyrs’ lives.

Then, the leader of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Haqqi Kobani, delivered a speech in which he congratulated the fighters on finishing their training course and praised the efforts they made to make the course a success that is decent to the sacrifices of the martyrs, especially that our region is witnessing attacks and invasions.

Stressing the importance of the role of this special forces “commandos” in facing and breaking all attacks on NE Syria.

Pointing out that at a time when all countries of the world unite and try to solve their problems in order to face the coronavirus pandemic that threatens the world, we find that Turkey continues in its expansionist occupation policies and in its attacks.

Promising the martyrs’ to continue their path and protect the gains of the people from all attacks, wishing victory and success to the fighters in their military missions.

The ceremony ended with the performance of the military oath, followed by a military parade of combat skills.

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