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Press Release

Recently, several fabricated news and statements by a number of official accounts of the Turkish Ministry of Defense appeared on the Internet, including the official account of the Turkish National Security Council, which publishes fake news and information about the military situation and developments in the occupied areas of Ras Al-Ain, Tal Abyad and the Tal Rifaat region.
The Syrian Democratic Forces assure that all this information and news is unfounded, and a miserable attempt to distort the reality of what is happening on the ground in terms of the full commitment of our forces to their obligations towards the agreements signed in this regard, and the absence of any military presence of our forces in the aforementioned areas, while the reality is the continuation of artilary and morter shelling by the Turkish forces and the mercenary groups loyal to it over the villages surrounding the areas of operations, which led to various injuries among civilians and sabotaging the infrastructure in those areas
We reaffirm once again our full commitment to our duties towards our people and partners, our rejection of such propaganda methods, and our call for Turkey to respect the agreements signed with our partners in the region.

Kino Gabriel
Official spokesperson for the Syrian Democratic Forces

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