Graduating three training courses from the Academy of Martyr Lorans

The office of Martyr Abu Amjad for central training graduates three training sessions from the Academy of Martyr Lorans for leaders.

The graduation ceremony which started with a minute of silence in the memory of the martyrs’ lives was attended by the leaders of the Military Council of Raqqa and Tabqa, and members of the Autonomous administration institutions.

The session included 121 fighters from NE Syria regions and carried the name of martyr Hoger, martyr Khamgin, and martyr Dilovan Kobani.

The fighters presented a military parade, and then Zilan Manbij, one of the leaders of Women’s Protection Units YPJ, delivered a speech in which she welcomed the attendees and congratulated all the fighters and wished them success and victory.

She commended their efforts in the training that took place at the Academy off Martyr Lorans, despite the difficulties and Coronavirus disease that affected the whole world. Nevertheless, the fighters continued in order to end the training they needed to stand up to in the face of the aggressors who attack the northern Syrian regions.

After that, the fighters performed the military oath, promising to preserve the revolutionary gains, follow the path of the martyrs, and complete their march in defending the land from any external or internal enemy.

Haider Raqqa, the fighter at the Academy of Martyr Lorans talked about the training which he received in two months. “I learned a lot of exercises that help me stand in the face of the enemies, including political and military ones, and how to use heavy and light weapons,” Haider said.

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