The Ceasefire in the time of Corona is an opportunity to achieve peace

isrin Abdullah, a member of the Relations Office of the Women’s Protection Units, participated on Thursday as a representative and spokesperson for the SDF in a platform for dialogue entitled “the Ceasefire in the time of Corona is an opportunity to achieve peace”. The platform was organized by (The struggle for Humanity) Organization and through the Zoom Video program.
A number of armed groups from Yemen, the Philippines and Colombia have participated, in addition it was attended by Asif Khan, head of the UN Mediation Support Unit, Irene Herbet, head of the Global Affairs unit and non-state armed groups, the International Committee, and Mr. Mohamed Balchi, joint president of The Struggle for Humanity organization.
The platform was aimed at listening directly from non-state armed actors about the prospects for peace and the opportunities to move to restore peace processes in light of efforts against COVID-19.

The discussions focused on the impact of the Corona virus on ceasefires and peace, and the response to the COVID-19 crisis in countries affected by armed conflict.

Nisrin Abdullah spoke and answered several points, the most important of which are:
– The status of north and eastern of Syria prior to the declaration of a ceasefire in accordance with the call of the Un Secretary-General.
– The virus crisis was an opportunity for humanitarian cooperation between SDF forces and the Syrian government?
– The current situation and measures taken to combat the virus and its non-transmission in the light of international inaction to assist Autonomous Administration.
– How Can Autonomous Administration improve response procedures and what are the expectations of the international community?
The platform follows an appeal by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on 23 March 2020, a number of armed organizations around the world responded positively and announced a ceasefire, a number of which will be invited to express themselves personally on this issue and on what can be done to take advantage of this opportunity for peace, as well as to explain their own responses to the COVID- 19 crisis.

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