The regular meeting of the Military Council of Syrian Democratic Forces

The Military Council of Syrian Democratic Forces held its regular meeting on Wednesday, May 20, in the presence of most of its members. The meeting discussed the military and security developments in the north and eastern Syria in particular, and in the Syrian arena in general, as well as the mechanism of organizational action of the forces and the level of effectiveness of local military councils and the obstacles and errors occurred during the past period in accordance with the program of restructuring the Syrian Democratic Forces adopted at the annual meeting of military councils. In addition to the programs and plans necessary to confront the threats and difficulties faced by the region from a military, organizational and economic aspects.

Within the meeting, the level of combat and defense readiness of our forces was studied, by increasing the level of qualitative training and preparing commanders and cadres competent for administrative and military work.

During the meeting, the General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces provided a detailed explanation of the developments and actions carried out by the international coalition against ISIS, especially the positive results of joint counter-terrorism operations against the cells of the terrorist organization ISIS, despite the spread of the coronavirus and its negative effects, and the continuation of programs aimed at supporting local civil and military councils in order to enhance security and stability in the region and to prevent the re-emergence of the terrorist organization ISIS

The meeting also discussed joint work with Russian military forces operating in northern and eastern Syria, and their role in achieving the security and stability of the region and the need for continuity of coordination and cooperation, and the importance of its guarantee to the program of negotiation and political change in Syria.

The meeting also has discussed the requirements of the current stage and the need for careful follow-up of the acts of sabotage carried out by sleeper cells in the areas of northern and eastern Syria that are linked to various local and regional agendas. It also focused on the issue of ISIS terrorists detained by the SDF and the need to reach an international solution and consensus regarding their trial and its importance for justice for the victims of ISIS terrorism.

Our forces were commended for their efforts and their commitment to the guidelines and measures related to preventing the spread of the new Coronavirus, and the need to continue to take care and caution on this subject, as well as to emphasize the role that our forces must play in the face of fire hazards in the current harvest season, and to mobilize all existing possibilities alongside the civilian institutions concerned. The meeting praised the efforts of the General Command in unifying the Kurdish ranks and stressed the need to make efforts to unite all components of the region and opposition factions that reject the occupation.

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