Clans elders in their meeting with Generalissimo: We stress the national unity represented by SDF and self- Administration

General Mazloum Abdi received this morning Monday (June 22, 2020) a delegation of the clan elders, who included both gentlemen:
Sheikh Hamed Al-Faraj, the sheikh of Al-Oualda clans
Sheikh Fawaz Al-Beik, Sheikh of the Al-Sukhana clan
Sheikh Hussein Al-Rashid, Sheikh of Al-Bukhamis clan
Sheikh Abdullatif Al-Faraj, one of the elders of Al-Nasser clan
Sheikh Faisal Al-Jumuah, from the notables of Al Bomsara clan
Sheikh Abd al-Rahim al-Jadou ‘, sheikh of Al Naeem clan
Sheikh Abdullah Al-Mudhahi, one of the elders of Al Bakara clan
Sheikh Humaid Al Omala, sheikh of Al Wahhab clan
Sheikh Abdul Karim Al-Hawash, among the notables of Al-Ajil clan
Sheikh Aziz Al-Fayadh of the notables of Al Wahhab clan
– Sheikh Ahmad Al-Kanoo, Sheikh of Al-Kanoo Clan
Sheikh Zuaiter Al Zuaiter, sheikh of Al-Ajil clan
– Sheikh Jamal Hanaitel, of the Office of Self-Administration Relations in Tabqa
– Sheikh Tayseer Al-Afat, delegated from the sheikh of Al-Fadaan clans and a representative of the Bedouins
Sheikh Naif Al-Dhaif, the sheikh of Al Boujaber clan
Sheikh Mahdi Al-Saleh, Sheikh of Al-Huwairat clan

Tribal sheikhs who were received by Generalissimo discussed the living reality of people and ways to support citizens and improve living conditions, especially after the entry into force of the Caesar Sanctions Law and the collapse of the exchange rate of the Syrian pound, where a number of proposals were made to support the agricultural sector and support the policy of self-reliance.

The elders also discussed with Generalissimo the developments of the political situation in Syria and emphasized the common life and work to reach Syria to a political solution that guarantees the rights of all components within the framework of building a democratic and decentralized political system that adopts the equitable distribution of national wealth and the principle of equal opportunities and independence of the judiciary and building an army A professional protects borders and ensures national safety.
The elders of the clans affirmed their support for the SDF and democratic self- administration, and that the clans of Tabqa are an integral part of self- administration and will make all efforts to consolidate the principles and values of this administration in co-existence, and likewise, they expressed their condemnation of the Turkish occupation of large parts of Syria and stressed On struggle until liberating every inch of Syria and expelling the Turkish invasion.
In turn, Generalissimo briefed the elders of Tabqa on the latest political and military developments related to the Syrian issue in general and the north and east of Syria in particular.

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