The YPG will apologize for the catastrophic events of 2013 and will do everything necessary to correct it

The General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces, represented by the Commander in Chief General Mazloum Abdi, the leadership of the Women’s Protection Units Nuzrouz Ahmed, the official spokesman for the People’s Protection Units Nuri Mahmoud and the official of the Public Security Authority Fawaz Moussa met with the committee assigned by the Syrian Democratic Command to establish reconciliation between the People’s Protection Units and the families of the tragic martyrs of Amouda (2013), and the committee was represented by Messrs Siddik Crew, Abdel-Qader Watty, and Hussein Shehada.

After the committee presented the items that it reached to establish the peace, the Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces confirmed his readiness to do everything possible to heal this wound in the history of the Rojava Revolution and to offer apologies and moral and material compensation to the affected and the families of the martyrs of our people in the city of Amouda. The military leaders who attended the meeting announced their acceptance of the items reached by the committee to establish peace and establish love.

Nowruz Ahmed, leader of the Women’s Protection Units, said that establishing peace, love, peace and security in the hearts of our people for whom we made all these sacrifices is a right and a duty for all who seek to protect these people and bring them to safety.

Moreover, the spokesman for the People’s Protection Units, Nuri Mahmoud, confirmed that what happened in Amouda on 27-28 June 2013 was a catastrophe that caused great harm to our people and we bear the responsibility for that sad event.

“We acknowledge the big mistake that killed innocent people as a result of a collision between one of our military units that was on the way back from the frontline and demonstrators gathered to release young activists detained by the Asayish and we will do everything necessary.

SDF Media Center

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