114 fighters finish their training in the Regiment of martye Khalaf Dushka

Al-Tabqa – The Regiment of martyr Khalaf Dushka in al-Tabqa Military Council graduates 114 fighters who subjected to a 45-day training course during which they received political and cultural lessons and military training on various types of light and medium weapons and methods of setting up ambushes and raids.
In the presence of the leadership of al-Tabqa Military Council and the families of the martyrs, the graduation ceremony began with a minute of silence for the souls of the martyrs, followed by a speech delivered by the Commander of al-Tabqa Military Council, Muhammad al-Raouf, in which he confirmed that these forces continue to have the right to legitimate defense and defend the people and their public property and that the forces of the Tabqa Military Council are ready to repel any aggression threatening the security of the region.
Al-Raouf indicated that they are continuing the military exercises of the brigades and regiments of the Military Council to be in a state of complete readiness.
This was followed by a military parade by the graduates, including methods of laying ambushes, checkpoints, and methods of raids, camouflage and disguise.
The Training Office of al-Tabqa Military Council continues to develop programs to train the military forces present in the brigades, regiments, and new recruits to undergo training in military academies or within their points to maintain the fitness and readiness of fighters.

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