HomemanshetThe military council of SDF held its regular meeting

The military council of SDF held its regular meeting

The Military Council of the Syrian Democratic Forces held its regular meeting on Friday, September 25, and the meeting dealt with recent military and security developments in the region of northern and eastern Syria, and at the Syrian level in general, and discussed the level of combat readiness of our forces, the mechanism of conducting various military training programs, and the preparation of leaders and specialized cadres.
It also discussed the effectiveness of local military councils, work obstacles and mistakes that occurred during the past period, and taking the necessary decisions to overcome them by the programs specified in the general strategy of the forces approved at the annual meeting of their military councils, and clarify the steps that must be taken and completed to secure all aspects of the defense to face the security threats and challenges facing the region and militarily.
During the meeting, the General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces presented an explanation of the actions and programs implemented with the international coalition against ISIS, especially the positive results of joint counter-terrorism operations against ISIS terrorist cells, and the continuation of programs aimed at supporting local civilian and military councils to enhance security and stability in the region, and prevent the return The emergence of the terrorist organization ISIS.
The meeting also dealt with joint work with the Russian army forces operating in northern and eastern Syria, and their role in achieving security and stability in the region, and emphasizing the necessity for the continuity and development of this coordination and cooperation.
The meeting also affirmed the rejection of military solutions to the Syrian conflict, and the importance of focusing on all parties on pushing for a political solution and making it a success, and building a pluralistic democratic system that guarantees the rights of the Syrian people in all its components.

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