HomemanshetThe SDF General Command stresses the protection of cultural property

The SDF General Command stresses the protection of cultural property

The Syrian Democratic Forces, through military instructions issued by the General Command, undertook to ensure that cultural property during the armed conflict was respected and not compromised in areas under the security and military control of the Democratic Council of Syria.
The Syrian Democratic Forces affirm their commitment to clear the archaeological site and everything related to the cultural heritage of any military presence, if any, and not to intentionally damage the cultural heritage.
The SDF shall also refrain from any use of the cultural property and its immediate surroundings for military purposes, and take all feasible precautions to avoid accidental damage to cultural property and reduce it in any way.
According to the instructions, the SDF, together with the civil authorities in northern and eastern Syria, take measures to protect the cultural property even in the absence of conflict.
This is the text of the instructions issued:

Military instructions issued by SDF General Command

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