The General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Raqqa Military Council hold a meeting

On Friday, April 23, the Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Mazloum Abdi, and members of the General Command, Newruz Ahmed and Çiya Furat, met in a series of meetings with the military councils of northern and eastern Syria.

The General Command began the meeting by informing the Military Council of the latest developments in the region, especially on the military side, in addition to listening to opinions and suggestions submitted by the participants, with the aim of regulating the organizational aspects and overcoming the problems among the military forces.

The meeting also addressed the need to follow up on fixing mistakes and strengthening communication with the people and civil and military institutions within the Raqqa region and in all regions of northern and eastern Syria, under the current economic situation and the continuing Corona pandemic.

The meeting is the second of its kind in a series of meetings with leaders of the military councils in northern and eastern Syria, with the aim of reaching a solution to all obstacles and addressing them, as the General Command met on April 20 with the leadership of the Military Council of Manbij and its countryside.

The Syrian Democratic Forces Media Centre

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