For the third day in row, our forces continue to conduct (Wadi al-Ajeej Operation)

For the third day in a row, our forces continue their security and military operation in Wadi al-Ajeej area, northern countryside of Deir Ezzor.
The first three days witnessed sweeping large areas of Wadi al-Ajeej. With support from the International Coalition, our forces were able to find hideouts used by the terrorist organization to hide its members and weapons in addition to detecting the smuggling routes used by the organization for the movement of its members.
During the last night’s hours, the Coalition forces fired a number of missiles targeting positions, hideouts and smuggling routes in Wadi al-Ajeej in addition to conducting overflights by warplanes in the area in order to monitor and observe the movements of the organization’s sleeper cells.
Patrols affiliated to both our forces and international coalition forces have met with a number of residents of Wadi al-Ajeej area.

It is indicated that (Wadi al-Ajeej Operation) began on May 9th with ground and air support from the International Coalition.

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