Martyr Dilsuz Afrin Academy of Self-Defens Opens its Ninth Session

In the presence of a number of Self-Defense forces leaders, the Martyr Dilsuz Afrin Academy opened, today in Hasaka, its ninth session of special units. The five-month course was entitled “the martyr Sharvan Qamishlo.”, and it includes 60 fighters from various regions of north and eastern Syria, during which the fighters will undergo intellectual and cultural lessons as well as military training on various types of weapons.
The opening ceremony began with a minute of silence for the souls of the martyrs followed by a military parade by the fighters.
Self-Defense Forces commander Liloa Al-Abdullah called on the fighters to commit fully and to make a double effort “because they will be the nucleus of the future army defending this land”.
She stressed that : “Fighters are the hope of the democratic nation for which the martyrs have given their lives.”

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