Our Forces Dismantle Daesh Terrorist Cells in Deir Ezzor western countryside.

In cooperation with the Internal Security Forces (ISF), our forces launched, on Sunday (May 23) a large-scale security operation targeting Daesh terrorist cells in Jazirat al-Bouhmaid and the squatter camps in its vicinity, Deir Ezzor western countryside.
The operation was launched on the basis of residents’ appeals after the increasing in terrorist operations of Daesh and other parties which targeted the chieftains and dignitaries of the region, employees of service institutions and scientific staff. The operation included more than 53 points including IDPs camp that was exploited by Daesh terrorists to hide, manufacture IEDs and recruit terrorists.
During the operation, our forces arrested 24 terrorists including three terrorists who assassinate, last Wednesday, (Muayyad al-Rayash), a member in Deir Ezzor legislative council, as well as a number of others involved in other terrorist operations during Eid al-Fitr. Furthermore, a number of plans for terrorist operations have also been thwarted.
The forces also confiscated a large number of hand grenades, Kalashnikovs, sharp metal weapons, satellite communications equipment, identification papers and diagrams for some terrorist operations, as well as various military uniforms and narcotic drugs.
Our forces emphasize their constant struggle against Daesh cells and other parties that want to tamper with the security and stability of the region and prevent them from obstructing the construction and development processes conducted by the Autonomous Administration’s institutions in north and eastern Syria.

SDF Media Centre
24 May 2021

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