Regarding the events of Shaddada – To our people and public opinion

We have carefully followed the events that took place yesterday in Shadada city and other areas within the self-administration areas of north and eastern Syria, and here we want to announce to our people and to the public opinion our stance towards them. We emphasize that the service and civil authorities in the self-administration not the SDF, are concerned about all issues related to the demands and protests of citizens related to the rise in fuel prices.
Our forces are responsible for protecting the region, and for many years they have been doing their job in maintaining security and stability and have fought a fierce war against Daesh terrorism and other organizations, where we have made great sacrifices for our people to enjoy a safe and normal life in our regions. On this basis, we stress that all protests must not become a means of striking security and stability. Events that fuel violence pose a threat to society and are of no use to our people.
It was noted during yesterday’s protests in Shadada that a number of masked persons as well as a number of other gunmen were engaging and hiding among the protesters, attacking security forces outposts and positions. Our people should be cautious and not to follow the sedition that some parties are trying to provoke, and we call on them to be careful about those attempts and not to be deceived by the ploys of those parties and to express their demands within the legitimate legal right.

General Command of Syrian Democratic Forces
19 May 2021

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