Statement by Clans’ Dignitaries and People in Raqqa regarding the Syrian presidential elections

The tribal leaders, dignitaries and people of Raqqa and its countryside issued, today Tuesday, a statement regarding the Syrian presidential elections.
The statement stated:
We, people, dignitaries and clans’ chieftains in Raqqa and its countryside, declare to the whole world that we are against those who destroyed, occupied, killed and depopulated our people, represented by the head of the Syrian regime, Bashar (the killer), after the propaganda made by the regime media about the so-called country’s presidential elections.
Therefore, we clearly consider the Syrian presidential elections to be a provocation and a flagrant violation of our great people’s will, that is because it is held under periodic circumstances beyond the independent decision of our people and their right to self-determination.
Therefore, we call on all the clans and components of the people at home and abroad not to participate in this farce, and we say clearly near and far to those who chose to be slaves of this regime and sold their conscience, values and principles to the criminal Baathist gang that they are not welcome among us, and we will hold accountable anyone who obey the one who killed our children, destroyed our homes and depopulate our people, and we will consider his action as a stigma and betrayal.

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