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Between 7th-12th of this May, the competent agencies, backed by our forces’ counter-terrorism units and with effective support by the international coalition forces against Daesh, conducted reorganizations and a number of security repairs in Hasaka prison, which is home to a large number of Daesh terrorist detainees. During this period, the competent agencies and our units inspected the construction of the prison, reorganized the records of detainees, repaired security techniques within the dormitories, and took further appropriate security measures.

As part of the health measures to combat Covid-19, our forces’ medical teams have checked up the health of detainees, detected their diseases, provided the necessary treatments, and carried out a large-scale sterilization campaign within the prison dormitories.

Our units have successfully completed their operations despite attempts by terrorists to sabotage the surveillance devices in the prison dormitories with the aim of implementing mass escapes. However, our units confiscated a large number of sharp objects (swords and knives) manufactured by mercenaries from available materials in the dormitories, yet our units were able to thwart all these attempts. In parallel, our units have been able to uncover holes in the walls of dormitories connecting the dormitories of Daesh mercenaries with those where the cubs of the terrorist organization are kept. The holes were created by mercenaries in order to infiltrate and retrain them for extremist ideology, but our units have taken the necessary measures to prevent this.

Our forces, which perform their humanitarian duties and abide by international war law, emphasize their moral missions as well as their security awareness about the issue of Daesh detainees and their families. On this occasion, we renew our call for the international community to carry out its duties on this issue and to form an international tribunal to trial these elements in our areas where they have been arrested. This court will be the right way to achieve justice and meet the demands of the victims of Daesh terrorism in a fair trial that will achieve the right results.


General Command of Syrian Democratic Forces


  1. 13. May. 2021

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