A Statement regarding the international efforts to defeat Daesh – To media and public opinion.

The SDF continues the relentless war against Daesh terrorist cells in the north and eastern Syria, preventing them from finding safe havens that threaten global peace and security once again, and our forces reaffirm their commitment to this mission despite the daily military and political attacks from regional parties as well as the endless effects of Covid-19 virus that has hit our region and the world.
We are proud that we succeeded in the first phase of eliminating the terrorist state of Daesh, depriving it of obtaining the suitable field and geographical power to strengthen its organization and direct the movements of its cells. However, the series of successful military and security campaigns recently conducted by our forces in the countryside of Deir Ezzor, southern al-Hasaka, and Raqqa were additional blows to the terrorist organization and its attempts to resurgence.
However, despite our repeated victories, it is important to recall that we still have quite a lot of work to do in the second phase to eliminate the structure and the extremist ideology of the terrorist organization and confront its terrorist messages, which is no less important than our war culminated in victory in Bagoz in March 2019 with the vital participation of the international coalition against Daesh. It is no secret that the terrorist organization and after its loss in Bagoz has changed its military tactics and its terrorist operations methods by depending on cells and small terrorist groups hidden in civilian-populated areas fearing the direct targeting which poses a threat to the safety and security of the region and the world and threatens the lives of millions of people who had lived dark days during Daesh’s control of the area.
Here, the attention of international parties, primarily our partners in the international coalition, must be given to the utmost importance of increasing coordination and cooperation at various levels, as well as developing more sustainable and long-term programs that strengthen the capacity of our forces and communities to address the ongoing threats posed by the terrorist organization.

Our forces and communities look forward to the continued commitment by the international coalition in development assistance to stabilize safety and security and protect the communities of north and eastern Syria from the terrorist organization’s threat, preserve the gains made through common sacrifices, as well as strengthen diplomatic tools of the region’s administration in such a way to counter the threat messages posed by the terrorist organization and other parties trying to destabilize and undermine security. We expect our partners to greater use of their influence on regional parties, primarily Turkey, and prevent it from threatening our areas and engaging our forces on other fronts.
Resolving the issue of Daesh detainees in the north and eastern Syria is a key issue in preventing the resurgence of the organization and depriving it of the most important files on which it depends in its propaganda to recruit terrorists and encourage its cells to conduct terrorist operations, as we reiterate the need to establish an international tribunal in our regions where they committed their crimes to ensure fair accountability for those involved in terrorist acts, and to strengthen protections for victims and to bring justice which will serve as an additional deterrent to potential elements joining the terrorist organization.
We reiterate that freeing the world of the threat Daesh terrorism has been and continues to be one of the core values on which the SDF is based and represents the common interest of all countries and local and international communities. In this sense, we reaffirm our commitment and firmness to the great struggle for the ultimate defeat of Daesh, and we are encouraged by the loyalty of our communities and the commitment of the core forces of the international coalition to continue security, intelligence, and diplomatic support.
General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces

27, June 2021

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