HomemanshetFour mercenaries were arrested for murder in al-Hol camp

Four mercenaries were arrested for murder in al-Hol camp

Our forces, SDF, arrested four mercenaries of Daesh cells who planned and conducted under the guidance of the abroad the assassination of three civilians, including a woman, in al-Hol camp, west of al-Hasakah.
The four mercenaries are of Iraqi nationality, and they infiltrated the camp masqueraded as civilians after the Baguz campaign in 2019.
According to video confessions, they received instructions from Daesh leaders through mobile phones using Turkish communications numbers. The instructions noted the need for the camp’s residents to adhere to receive instructions that incite terrorism and to hold accountable all those who do not comply with the instructions sent by leaders outside the camp.
According to mercenaries, one of the most important means of holding accountable those who refuse to comply with the terrorist organization’s orders is to kill and slaughter, which happened with three civilians.
The mercenaries confirmed that the recent actions of the Internal Security Forces (ISF) and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have failed many terrorist operations that Daeshcells were planning in the camp with the help of some Daesh women.

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