From the womb of pain, hope is born, and in the heart of helplessness, the will pulses

Khawla al-Khader, 11-year-old, from al-Raqqa, lost her left leg five years ago in Syrian regime air strikes targeting her home located in Youth Housing area, Raqqa.
Khawla was studing at a special needs school when the school closed for known reasons. Now, she practices her daily activities at the Cultural Center in Raqqa despite her injury. Losing her foot did not hinder her from practicing her activities in the theater like dancing and singing.
Khawla al-Khader spoke about herself and how she was injured as a child. She, just like other children, used to play in the alleys of Raqqa. She said that she doesn’t dream much, but dreams of installing prosthetic leg because dancing on one foot is tiring, and so that she can train better live her life like her other colleagues at the Cultural Center.

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