HomemanshetI don’t regret my injury

I don’t regret my injury

I am from Albu Kamal, Deir Ezzor. I have participated in the Areas of Tel Al-Jaabi, Ha’agin, Al-Shafa and al-Alyat area before al-Soussa and participated as a campaign leader in al-Sousse and al-Baguz to Iraq’s boarders. After joining SDF, I underwent a training session in al-Shadada area and my participation in the battles continued until we reached the borders of Iraq. Eight months after the campaign ended, we allowed civilians to return to their homes. I was on a leave when the troops called to participate with them in removing IEDs on the way of civilians. For five and a half years of my participation in the battles, I have dreamed of reaching the Chahafa area of al-Baguz lower. Thank God, we finished it and installed points and I was visiting the points, 8 months after the end of the campaign, I participated in the removal of the bombs planted in the way of civilians. Sometimes we hear a bomb went off with a baby or a child, and sometimes women get hurt.
We can’t tolerate what’s happening to civilians anymore, so I participated in the campaign to remove the bombs, which is the hardest campaign, which is for the safety of civilians, once I was carrying an RPG shell and it fell from me more than once, I could not leave it for fear of hitting a woman or a child, so I said it is better to hit me than injuring children or civilians so I put it aside and completed my work with the help of comrades by collecting bombs and missiles. When I put it down, it exploded on me, and I sustained serious injuries to my head, face and hands, in addition to my legs, and despite my injuries, the comrades continued their work in removing the IEDs, and thank God the civilians returned safe and sound without any accidents or injuries, I do not regret my injury because it is my pride and because I was injured because of my fear for the civilians who are like my mother, my father and my family, and when I martyred one day this civilian will remember me and will follow the path of struggle and fill the void.
I feared for the civilian like children and women, when we entered the war, we entered for martyrdom not to stay alive, and now I have lost my limbs and yet I am proud of myself and my high morale.

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