Raqqa Military Council celebrates the second anniversary of its establishment

Under the slogan ” if we have all the world’s forces, we will not attack anyone, and if the whole world attacks us today, we will defend ourselves” and with the participation of the internal security forces, the Civil Council, sheikhs and a number of events, Raqqa Military Council celebrated the second anniversary of its establishment. The ceremony began with a minute of silence to commemorate the souls of the martyrs followed by a military parade by Raqqa Military Council fighters, and several words were delivered including the speech of the commander of Raqqa Military Council Faisal al-Salem, who said: ” In this great anniversary, we stand in front of the souls of our righteous martyrs who made a great sacrifices to keep this land free and dignified, after the liberation of the region from Daesh, the conditions required the organizing of all military forces from brigades, regiments and battalions and regulating them politically, intellectually and military. Hence, it was the establishment of the Raqqa Military Council a step forward and organized regiments and brigades under the banner of Raqqa Military Council.
Al-Salem concluded by saying: ” We congratulate all the military forces in all their military formations and congratulate our people in Raqqa on the anniversary of the establishment of Raqqa Military Council and promise our people and the families of martyrs to follow in their footsteps and their path of freedom and dignity.
Sheikh “Mohammed Turki Al-Sawan” delivered a speech on behalf of Military Public Relations Office in which he congratulated the military forces on this occasion and said: ” Today, We are subjected to many attacks, whether from the Turkish occupation state or the Baathist regime which is trying to sow sedition among the components of the region, but the steadfastness of our forces, our people and our military leadership put an end to this attempts and finally we say the mercy be on our martyrs and we wish speedy recovery to our wounded fighters and the victory for our cause.
The ceremony was concluded by a tribute to the leaders of brigades and regiments.

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